I wanted to give a shout-out to a wonderful kids yoga class taught here in West Seattle that combines the physical aspects of yoga with helping kids with social skills.  If you have a kiddo who struggles a bit making friends, participating in groups, or otherwise enjoys non-competitive exercise, you might want to check it out. My 7-year old has some social language issues (accurately reading cues, responding appropriately) and while he's in regular speech therapy, this weekly class for 6-10 year olds has been superb for him to "practice" in the company of other kids; the kids have a blast. The two instructors are amazing– a speech-language pathologist and an occupational therapist who is also a master kid's yoga teacher. There is currently space in the winter session– I'd highly recommend you contact Ann McCormick at NW Communication Connections (206-387-0947, http://www.nw-slp.com) if you are interested.